At SOVEREIxN, we believe that clothes are essential, design is everything, and becoming a brand is powerful


SOVEREIxN is a play on the word ‘sovereign’, as in royalty or power. From humble beginnings, our brand works for and believes in the power of expression through design and clothing.

We are a small but motivated team collectively believing in this generation’s power to succeed, as we ourselves believe we are SOVEREIxN.


 With our minimalist non-compromising quality and materials, accompanied by our premium timeless designs, we push to bring you your comfortable everyday streetwear.

We have allied with freelance graphic designers from around the world to bring you a plethora of culture for streetwear. Wherever continent you choose to wear your streetwear; whatever genre you wear, we believe streetwear is versatile, and streetwear is power.

We strive to give you the confidence in every SOVEREIxN you wear.