SOVEREIxN : The Strength of the Online Gaming Industry


From traditional outdoor social games to indoor tabletop games, the world of playing has evolved following the birth of the digital era. Arcades were a revolution in the 70’s; the coming of the internet in the 90’s; and then the launch of World of Warcraft in the early 2000’s. The rest, they say, is history—but that history is actually The Future. The online gaming industry has set its place as the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. With thousands of gamers online, revenues have rocketed.

Who are these gamers plunged into the world of online gaming? They come from different backgrounds and ages. A mere four-year old may be given a tablet with his/her age appropriate game; while teenagers to late thirties may spend four consecutive hours playing multiplayer games. The elderly people aged 50-plus enjoy casual gaming, while a little percentage of their group is known to still enjoy playing at their age.

Gamers have evolved into a community. Watching other gamers online have increased in popularity that online gaming has created its own sport: E-Sports. As it started with Space Invaders Championship in 1972 at Stanford University, esports have become the arena for competitive gaming since. Its boom in the 2000’s with internet on the rise, video content sharing and other online services—playing with each other, and eventually by teams, online was easier and more practical than ever. Little-by-little more sponsors was attracted to esports that prize money piled and investment on the industry grew. There are many esports teams today, organisers, and remarkable prize funds. The online gaming industry has created a strong online community and platforms. Small-time to big-time gamers have created businesses and profits of their own from this industry.

What can we say about this multi-billion dollar industry? It has challenged gamers around the globe. Online gamers, with proper trainings, tend to practice their dexterity; strategy, and camaraderie among others. Many have become influencers in their field. The most popular ones like PewDiePie with a hundred million subscribers, have made millions from his art in this booming industry.

SOVEREIxN has allied with a few of these artists because of their boldness.

SOVEREIxN is bold and the online gaming industry is bold.

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