Make Your Leftover Valentine Candies into New Treats by SOVEREIxN

Ah! Valentine’s Day. Yes, Happy Valentines from the SOVEREIxN Fam! Whether you’re enjoying the single life or with the company of a significant other, I bet there’s a chocolate bar or two in that fridge.  

You may be tired of munching on those candies, as-is, again and again. Why not try these five simple recipes to enjoy and fall in love with your leftover candies again.

  1. Hot Chocolate

Do you still enjoy hot beverages this time of the year? Reuse that leftover chocolate and make yourself some hot cup o’. Cut the chocolate bars into smaller chunks. Melt the chunks using your heat-proof bowl or double boiler in low heat, to avoid scorching your chocolate. Stir the chocolate until all have melted. When you’re happy with the chocolate liquid magic you now have in front of you, pour a quarter into a mug. Add heated milk, stir, and sip away!


  1. Chocolate-covered Bacon

You read it right! Chocolate-drizzled bacon is a fantastic (guilty-pleasure) way to enjoy sweet and savory. It’s bacon! You can never say no to bacon (unless your vegan. We support that too.) 

Drizzle on or coat your bacon strips with the melted chocolate you’ve made earlier, and then it’s a quaint delight.   



  1. Chocolate Fondue

Let your heart grow fondue. Get it? Puns aside, what other way to enjoy your leftover chocolate than to dip anything else into it. Remember your melted chocolate? Combine a good amount of heavy whipping cream in your liquid chocolate potion while stirring over low heat. Dip in fruits, breadsticks, or more bacon and enjoy.


  1. Chocolate Milkshake

If like me, Shake Shack’s milkshake entered your mind, well then whip yourself some DIY milkshake. Cut your chocolate bars into smaller chunks. In a blender, add scoops of vanilla ice cream, some milk, the cut up chocolate chunks, then blend. It may not taste like Shake Shack’s but hey, it’s milkshake.

  1. Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub

You know how we once thought of bathing in chocolate? Well, here’s a way when we’re tired of all the chocolate melting snack recipes. First, cut up your dark chocolate bars into smaller chunks. Melt (okay, so there still is some melting for this) your chocolate chunks in your heat-proof bowl or double boiler in low heat, as per usual. When melted and cooled a little, add in a cup of brown sugar; half a cup of virgin coconut oil (for moisture), and then mix. Lather this potion on your body for an exfoliated, rejuvenated skin.

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