Five Ways to Stay Healthy this COVID 19 Winter

Winter may pose as a challenge to staying active, especially our health. We have rounded up five ways to prepare and keep healthy this winter season while COVID-19 still looms. Let’s fight this virus together and healthily, fam!

  • Maintain your indoor exercise routine.
    • You know it, regular exercise is good for our hearts, minds and whole body. Maintaining a regular exercise will lessen risks of heart disease and stroke. Regular exercise helps not only our bodies but our mental health as well. So, dust off that unused exercise equipment and start getting active and warm this winter.

  • Plan your meals and add some healthy meals in there.
    • This holiday season is festive not only in décor but also in food! There will be merry making left and right so make sure to plan your meals earlier and watch those calorie intakes while you’re at it. Planning your meals will make it easier and faster for you to go grocery shopping. It will also boost your desire to make home-cooked meals rather than buying fast food or thinking of the next processed item in your shelf.

  • Take a jog or go out for a walk.
    • Jogging or walking has so much benefits to your body and health without pulling too much muscles. Stay at a safe distance when you jog or walk outside. Wear your comfy, proper gears to brave the cold, and remember to bring your masks out with you. Safe is always better.

  • Stay warm indoors through general cleaning.
    • Yes, you’ve been indoors for too long and might have forgotten that a spick and span home helps fend off unseen viruses and bacteria that may grow in your home. Having to clean also benefits your mental wellbeing. De-clutter, sanitize and organize for the holiday season.
  • Review and read on COVID 19 symptoms
    • It always is better to be safe and prepared. The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 range from a simple cough to loss of taste and smell and may appear two to 14days after exposure. Read the news and stay informed about COVID 19 and how to keep safe during this holiday season and pandemic.

There may be this pandemic, but our joyful souls shouldn’t sway. This is a friendly reminder from the SOVEREIxN team to stay safe; stay healthy; and wishing you a Happy Holidays!

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