Hats off to one of our newest alliances, DJ ChefMad-G! We are welcoming him into the SOVEREIxN family hot, the chef’s way, and we’re loving it! 

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, this all-in-one DJ, Chef, CEO and Father, among others, is an icon. His passion for music started early on in his childhood. At the age of 15, he begun his practice in the music scene starting as DJ MaddGee, independently recording his mixes on cassettes in 1993. By 1995 his exclusives were a household fave and his mixtapes being sold at local record stores with the likes of DJ Clue, Dj Doowop, DJ Juice and DJ S&S to name a few.
Music was and will always be the then DJ MaddGee’s passion. Adding a spoonful of cooking interest into the mix—for a time—he honed his interest in cooking while also being a doting father to his first born at the age of 19. By 2010, he discovered Ustream and began his first bouts of streaming and DJing online, becoming the present: DJ ChefMad-G.
DJ ChefMad-G formed an online radio station called TCRadio which is now known as After seven years of’s power runs with DJ’s from all over the USA; Germany; Japan; and Scotland, ChefMad-G fathered his fourth child and took a break from the streaming and DJing scene.
Fast forward to 2020, it was time to put IamTCRadio back on the tracks! You can listen to DJ ChefMad-G’s and other enjoyable DJs’ mad mixes and beats live on Twitch. All for the Love of Music was his slogan in 2010 and until now, his slogan and appetite to push his passion further! SOVEREIxN is proud to partner with a powerhouse like you, sir!
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